Monday, February 13, 2012

Kyle Kinane at the Sinking Ship March 4

Just finished this one for Free Zone Radio. This was the plug I received:

Kyle Kinane is a comedian that is skyrocketing in popularity, due to people getting a kick out of his unique storytelling style. His CD "Death of the Party" was a favorite of nearly every comedy entity. His Comedy Central Special is an amazing piece of work. He is generally considered one of the best, and in comedy circles, that is the consensus. Kyle's voice can be heard during promos for Comedy Central, as he is the official voice of the network. One of the hottest names in standup right now, Kinane is coming to Indianapolis for one night. He is making his return to The Sinking Ship, a new comedy venue that attracts a smart crowd that comedians love to perform for. the venue has successfully hosted Kinane, Doug Stanhope, and many others from around the country. Also on the show are Ruse Harstel from Cincinnati, and Jeff Oskay of Indianapolis. This is not a show to miss.

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